Just as they keep many secrets from outsiders, including the Joining, Grey Wardens also keep certain secrets hidden from many of their own members. As revealed in Dragon Age: The Calling, it is heavily implied that the Calling—also known as the Long Walk.—was a ritual created by the first Grey Wardens to prevent future members from watching themselves ultimately succumb to the darkspawn taint. Contrary to belief even among themselves, surviving the Joining does not confer to Grey Wardens a true immunity from "blight sickness", but rather merely delays its onset.

The Calling begins with nightmares or voices from the Old Gods, the same "call" the darkspawn hear to search for the Old Gods. Although Alistair claims it takes a person about thirty years after their joining to hear it, the gap varies depending on their willpower and the level of their interaction with the darkspawn. As such, Grey Wardens during a Blight are likely to have shorter lifespans. Otherwise, it is commonly between ten to thirty years that the Wardens hear the Calling. Thedas UK (January 14, 2012).

According to ritual, the Grey Warden descends underground and celebrates before entering the Deep Roads to slay as many darkspawn as they can before being overwhelmed and slain. The secret of the Calling is implied when Alistair reveals that the taint will kill the Grey Wardens, although this is not true. It is unknown whether the truth was kept from all the Grey Wardens or just its junior members such as Alistair.

Riordan]] implied that even if a Grey Warden would run away, given time all Wardens would find themselves in the Deep Roads, Blight-Lands or pursued by darkspawn, for they all are connected by the taint that draws them to each other. "You'd seek them out... or they'd seek you out." Thus, one can assume that almost every Grey Warden will die at the hands of darkspawn.

Книга призыв Several Wardens, under Genevieve|Commander Genevieve]], underwent a premature Calling early in the Dragon Age. Their Calling and subsequent physical taint—resembling a nasty rash— was caused by magical amulets designed to accelerate their taint. Fiona]], a Grey Warden contemporary of Duncan]], was one of the affected, and was cured of the accelerated taint shortly after the mission into the Deep Roads was completed. The Warden mages at Weisshaupt speculated that she might be permanently free of the Calling. Considering that Fiona was allowed to leave the Wardens and become Grand Enchanter]] of the Circle of Magi]] 27 years after the events of The Calling, it can be assumed that her cure was permanent.

ДА2 Some Taint|corrupted]] entities such as Corypheus]] can imitate the Call of an Old God similar to what Grey Wardens hear during a Blight]] as well as during their Calling. This can even allow Wardens to be controlled against their will.

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Mabari]] are sometimes Joined by the Wardens, and may go through a Calling]] of their own.

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