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Nathaniel Howe was one of the three children of Arl Rendon Howe of Amaranthine. After spending years in the Free Marshes, he returned to Amaranthine to seek vengeance on the Grey Wardens, whom be blamed for his father's death.

Squire Young Nathaniel idolized his father. Growing up with stories of how Rendon Howe fought for Ferelden's freedom, by the side of the rightful king, Maric Theirin, he came to believe that his father was a hero. The boy would spend hours in the trophy room at Vigil's Keep, sitting among the displays of heritage armor and weapons. Wondering when he would be big enough and strong enough to put on his grand-uncle's armor and wield his father's swords. As the years passed and the relationship between his parents deteriorated. the trophy room and associated fantasies became Nathaniel's refuge-the place where he could escape from his wretched family life.

When Nathaniel was older, Arl Rendon decided that he should be sent away to be trained in the arts of war. Arlessa Eliane suggested that he be squired under her cousin Ser Rodolphe Verley, a trained Chevalier and fixture in the court of the ruling Vael family of Starkhaven. Though Ser Rodolphe was Orlesian by birth, Rendon was impressed by his skill and discipline and approved of Eliane's choice-a surprising turn of events, as arl and arlessa hardly agreed on anything. Nathaniel protested the joint decision loud and long, - he wished to stay by his father's side, like his younger brother Thomas, whom he felt the arl favored. However, the decision was final, and Nathaniel was made to board a ship to the Marches.

Nathaniel remembers his master, Ser Rodolphe, as a large man with a bright red beard streaked with gray. A grim and

serious man, Ser Rodolphe proved to be a harsh taskmaster who did not tolerate indolence or mischief of any sort. In his first week in Ser Rodolphe's company, poor judgment led Nathaniel to joke about his master's armor, which earned him the punishment of having to carry buckets of water from one end of the castle grounds to the other. From then on, he made jokes only when Ser Rodolphe was well out of earshot. Without levity to brighten the monotony of squirehood under the chevalier, Nathaniel's days became a gray blur of drills, chores, and boring history and military lessons.

Fortunately, Nathaniel made the acquaintance of one of Ser Rodolphe’s watchman archers, who taught him to draw a bow. The Chevalier did not approve of the discipline, calling it a coward's way of making war, but despite Ser Rodolphe‘s intense disapproval, Nathaniel continued to hone his archery skills on his own time. His daily practice of shooting fruit off the walls of the castle, while a much-needed reprieve for him, became a great source of annoyance to everyone else, especially the servants.

Howe the Archer

Two years later, Ser Rodolphe was invited to the Grand Tourney that was to be held in Tantervale. He and his entire household traveled to attend the festivities, with the Chevalier himself enlisting in the jaunt. Nathaniel would later look back on this event as one of the most enjoyable experiences of his time with Set Rodolphe and perhaps even his entire life.

Nathaniel had only ever read of the Grand Tourney in books, and nothing he had learned could prepare him for the reality of it. All of Tantervale was bedecked in blue and gold pennants; there was dancing and singing in the streets, and wine flowed freely. On the tourney field, ladies in brightly colored silks sat beneath crisp white tents, swooning over the armored knights doing battle on the sands before them. At Set Rodolphe's behest, Nathaniel found himself joining in the grand melee, in which over a hundred warriors would do battle. Nathaniel‘s nimbleness allowed him to evade and best several heavily armed knights and even an Avvar barbarian before he was defeated by a man in Orlesian livery with piercing blue eyes and a cruel smirk. Though Nathaniel was disappointed in his performance, Ser Rodolphe seemed pleased enough. In an uncharacteristic show of generosity, the knight rewarded Nathaniel with a purse of gold and Instructed him to use it well. Apparently, Ser Rodolphe may even have smiled at him, though he was never sure if it was just a trick of the light. According to Nathaniel, he spent his purse of gold almost entirely on ale and cakes, saving just enough to buy a replica of Hessarian's Sword of Mercy and a small mechanical bronto that would play music if wound up. Intoxicated and sleepy, he wandered onto the held in the middle of a contest of archery and was almost shot- Recovering quickly from his near fatal experience. Nathaniel declared that he was better than the archer currently shooting, holding up as evidence the fact that she had missed her target and almost killed a man. He was promptly handed a how by the archer, a young, leather-clad elven woman, and told to prove himself. Though he was drunk, stuffed full of sugar, and holding a tinkling bronto in his mouth, Nathaniel managed to at least match the performance of the elf, hitting most of his targets square in their marked centers. His ability proven to all, Nathaniel departed the field in the company of the elf, whose name was, she said, “Erina, or maybe Avina”.

Nathaniel spent the rest of the day in the company of Erina (or maybe Avina), forgetting entirely about Ser Rodolphe’s scheduled showing at the joust. He would later have to lie to the chevalier about having watched his "astounding" performance. Fortunately for Nathaniel, Ser Rodolphe was elated by coming in fourth place, and Nathaniel's lie went unquestioned.

Howe the Warden

Nathaniel spent almost eight years training with Ser Rodolphe. Over that time, he grew to love the Free Marches and its people. He admits that he had little interest in becoming arl of Amaranthine, as the life of a wandering knight and archer appealed to him. Perhaps he would have stayed in the Marches if the events of the Fifth Blight had not taken place. Nathaniel says he barely recalls what he was doing when he heard of his father’s death at the hands of the Grey Wardens. The details of Rendon’s death were vague, but the core of the message stood out: Grey Wardens broke into the traitor Arl Rendon Howe’s estate and slaughtered him. To add insult to injury, the Howe family’s castle, Vigil’s Keep, had been seized by the Ferelden Crown in response to Rendon's treachery and was being given over to the Grey Wardens who had murdered him.

The news of Arl Rendon Howe's involvement with the regicide of Cailan Theirin tainted the name of Howe from Ferelden to the Free Marches. To save his mentor embarrassment, Nathaniel chose to leave Ser Rodolphe’s household. Vowing vengeance on the Grey Wardens, he made his own way to the nearest port and booked passage on a ship bound for Amaranthine.

Nathaniel’s return to Vigil's Keep was hitter. Stealing into what was once his home, he found himself making his way to his old hideaway. the Howe trophy room. It had been torn apart, the heirlooms of his father lost or looted. Here, the truth sank in: the Howe family was destroyed. their name and reputation ruined, their history stolen, their ancestral keep conquered. Nothing. not even vengeance, could restore what had been taken.

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