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Conquistas ou troféus marcam proezas feitas durante o jogo Dragon Age II. Estes incluem terminar atividades relacionadas à trama, fazer escolhas específicas em certos momentos do jogo, realizar tarefas e encontrar certos indivíduos. Cada marco dá uma certa quantidade de pontos de experiência ao jogador.

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 Jogo Principal[]

Nome Requisito Gamerscore Troféu Imagem
Frio como a Pedra Derrote o [wraith|rock wraith] on your [Deep Roads Expedition|expedition] into the [Roads|Deep Roads] 5 Bronze Arquivo:Stone Cold.png
King of the Hill (secret) Defeated the [[1]] 10 Bronze Arquivo:King of the Hill.png
Conqueror (secret) Defeated [Stannard|Meredith], knight-commander of [[2]]'s [Order|templars] 15 Bronze Arquivo:Conqueror.png
Talented Upgraded a [(Dragon Age II)|spell] or [(Dragon Age II)|talent] 5 Bronze Arquivo:Talented.png
Tag Team Used teamwork to perform a [combo (Dragon Age II)|cross-class combo] 5 Bronze Arquivo:Tag Team.png
That Thing Has Legs Found and killed a [[3]] 25 Bronze Arquivo:That Thing Has Legs.png
Dragon Slayer Found and killed a [dragon|high dragon] 25 Silver Arquivo:Dragon Slayer.png
Exorcist Found and killed the undying [[4]] 25 Bronze Arquivo:Exorcist.png
Demon Slayer Found and killed the ancient [[5]], [[6]] 25 Silver Arquivo:Demon Slayer.png
Weapon Master Mastered a weapon style 25 Bronze Arquivo:Weapon Master.png
Unstoppable Completed a full year in [[7]] without any party member being knocked unconscious 50 Silver Arquivo:Unstoppable.png
Craftsman Acquired your first [(Dragon Age II)|crafting] recipe 5 Bronze Arquivo:Craftsman.png
Financier Became a partner in a [Deep Roads Expedition|Deep Roads expedition] 10 Bronze Arquivo:Financier.png
Dedicated Reached Level 10 15 Bronze Arquivo:Dedicated.png
A Friend in Need Upgraded the [armor|armor] of one of your party members 5 Bronze Arquivo:A Friend in Need.png
Enchanter [[8]] an item 5 Bronze Arquivo:Enchanter.png
Master Craftsman Crafted all of the items from a single crafting tree 25 Silver Arquivo:Master Craftsman.png
Mogul Had 100 or more [[9]] in your purse 25 Bronze Arquivo:Mogul.png
[Glory|Crowning Glory] Became the viscount of Kirkwall 25 Silver Arquivo:Crowning Glory.png
Specialized Took two [and specializations (Dragon Age II)|class specializations] 25 Bronze Arquivo:Specialized.png
I Got Your Back Completely upgraded the armor of one of your party members 25 Bronze Arquivo:I Got Your Back.png
Legendary Reached Level 20 50 Silver Arquivo:Legendary.png
Immigrant Became a resident of Kirkwall 5 Bronze Arquivo:Immigrant.png
Delver of the Deep Explored the Deep Roads 10 Bronze Arquivo:Delver of the Deep.png
[[10]] Kicked the slavers out of your ancestral mansion 15 Bronze Arquivo:Birthright.png
Darkness Falls Toggled the map from day to night 5 Bronze Arquivo:Darkness Falls.png
Explorer Left Kirkwall to explore the [Marches|outlying regions] 5 Bronze Arquivo:Explorer.png
Spelunker Visited 10 caves in Kirkwall and the outlying regions 25 Bronze Arquivo:Spelunker.png
Mass Exodus Reached Kirkwall with each character [and specializations (Dragon Age II)|class] across multiple playthroughs 25 Bronze Arquivo:Mass Exodus.png
Knowledgeable Unlocked 100 [(Dragon Age II)|codex] entries 25 Bronze Arquivo:Knowledgeable.png
Treasure Hunter Opened 50 chests 25 Silver Arquivo:Treasure Hunter.png
[[11]] Found every variety of crafting resources 25 Silver Arquivo:Supplier.png
[[12]] ("Archeologist" on xbox) During each year in Kirkwall, discovered 3 messages from the [of Three|Band of Three] 50 Silver Arquivo:Archeologist.png
Tale Within a Tale Listened to [Tethras|Varric] begin his tale of the [of Kirkwall|Champion of Kirkwall] 5 Bronze Arquivo:Tale Within a Tale.png
Full House Recruited four party members 10 Bronze Arquivo:Full House.png
Friends in High Places Met Grand Cleric [[13]], Viscount [Dumar|Dumar], Knight-Commander [Stannard|Meredith] and First Enchanter [[14]] 15 Bronze Arquivo:Friends in High Places.png
Gift Giver Gave a [(Dragon Age II)|gift] to one of your party members 5 Bronze Arquivo:Gift Giver.png
Flirtatious Flirted with one of your party members and began a [(Dragon Age II)| romance] 5 Bronze Arquivo:Flirtatious.png
Friend Earned the [[15]] of one of your party members (must be at 100%) 25 Bronze Arquivo:Friend.png
Rival Earned the [[16]] of one of your party members (must be at 100%) 25 Bronze Arquivo:Rival.png
Romantic Completed a [(Dragon Age II)| romance] with one of your party members 25 Bronze Arquivo:Romantic.png
[Historian|Chantry Historian] Found all four chapters of "[History of the Chantry|The History of the Chantry]" by [Genitivi|Brother Genitivi] 25 Silver Arquivo:Chantry Historian.png
[Worthy Rival|A Worthy Rival] Earned the Arishok's respect 25 Silver Arquivo:A Worthy Rival.png
Great Minds Think Alike Earned the friendship of four party members or established rivalry with four party members (up to lock-in level: 100%) 50 Silver Arquivo:Great Minds Think Alike.png
Champion of Kirkwall Completed Dragon Age II 20 Silver Arquivo:Champion of Kirkwall.png
Mercenary Allied yourself with the [mercenaries] upon arriving in Kirkwall 10 Bronze Arquivo:Mercenary DA2.png
Nefarious Allied yourself with the [smugglers] upon arriving in Kirkwall 10 Bronze Arquivo:Nefarious.png
[Defender|Arcane Defender] (secret) Sided with the mages five times 25 Silver Arquivo:Arcane Defender.png
[Hunter|Mage Hunter] (secret) Sided with the templars five times 25 Silver Arquivo:Mage Hunter.png
Epic Completed Dragon Age II twice, or completed it once with a save imported from Dragon Age Origins 50 Gold Arquivo:Epic.png
ps3ps3 The Ultimate Reward Completed all Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies N/A Platinum Arquivo:The Ultimate Reward (DA2).png

Downloadable content[]

[Exiled Prince|The Exiled Prince][]

Name Requirement Gamerscore Trophy Image
Avenged [[17]] the [Harimann|culprit] behind the [family|Vael family]'s murder 25 Bronze Arquivo:Avenged.png
Cloak and Dagger (secret) [(quest)|Meet secretly] with the [[18]] of the [[19]] 25 Bronze Arquivo:Cloak and Dagger.png
Loyalty of the Prince Earn either a friendship or rivalry with [[20]] (must be at 100%) 30 Bronze Arquivo:Loyalty of the Prince.png
Memento Give Sebastian a [Starkhaven Longbow|family heirloom] 25 Bronze Arquivo:Memento.png
Retribution [(quest)|Dealt with] the mercenaries that killed the Vael family 25 Bronze Arquivo:Retribution.png


Name Requirement Gamerscore Trophy Image
Conductor Defeat an [evil] in the [Mountains|Vimmark Mountains] 30 Silver Arquivo:Conductor.png
Deep Roads Safari Kill a [[22]], [alpha|genlock alpha], [alpha|hurlock alpha], [[23]], and [[24]] in the Vimmark Mountains 15 Bronze Arquivo:Deep Roads Safari.png
Family Legacy Apply three effects to [Key|Hawke's Key] 30 Silver Arquivo:Family Legacy.png
Family Outing Complete the [(quest)|main quest] in the Vimmark Mountains with [Hawke|Bethany] or [Hawke|Carver] in the party 15 Bronze Arquivo:Family Outing.png
Tower Sweeper Complete every side quest in the Vimmark Mountains prison tower 30 Silver Arquivo:Tower Sweeper.png

[of the Assassin|Mark of the Assassin][]

Predefinição:Achievements table

Predefinição:Achievements tablePredefinição:Achievements tablePredefinição:Achievements table

Name Requirement Gamerscore Trophy Image
A New Day Meet [[25]] in [[26]]. 15 Bronze Arquivo:A New Day.png
Chasing the Game Lure and kill an alpha [[27]] near [Haine|Chateau Haine]. 30 Silver Arquivo:Chasing the Game.png
Blackjack Subtle Evade vault security in Chateau Haine. 15 Bronze Arquivo:Blackjack Subtle.png
The Take Disarm the fire traps in Chateau Haine's vaults. 30 Silver Arquivo:The Take.png
Mark of the Assassin (secreto) Defeat Duke [de Montfort|Prosper] with or without Tallis. 30 Silver Arquivo:Mark of the Assassin.png