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Branch One[]

Righteous Strike
Talent Templar RighteousStrike 受動型 The templars are enforcers specifically designed to control and slay mages. Each of the templar's melee hits against an enemy spellcaster drains its mana.
Cleanse Area
Talent Templar CleanseArea 能動型
条件:Level 8
The templar purges the area of magic, removing all dispellable effects from those nearby. Friendly fire possible.
Mental Fortress
Talent Templar MentalFortress 受動型
条件:Level 12
The templar has learned to focus on duty, gaining a large bonus to mental resistance.

+20 Mental Resistance

Holy Smite
Talent Templar HolySmite 能動型
条件:Level 15
The templar strikes out with righteous fire, inflicting spirit damage on the target and other nearby enemies. If the target is a spellcaster, it must pass a mental resistance check or else loses mana and takes additional spirit damage proportional to the mana lost. All affected enemies are stunned or knocked back unless they pass physical resistance checks.