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Branch One[]

Group Heal
Talent NoImage Activated 癒し系エネルギーを浴びせて、味方のHealthを中程度回復する。
(100.0 + Spellpower) × 0.5

The caster bathes allies in benevolent energy, instantly healing them by a moderate amount.

Talent NoImage Activated 倒れた味方を復活させ、若干のHealthを回復する。

The caster revives a fallen party member, raising them from unconsciousness and restoring some health.

Talent NoImage Activated 味方が死にそうになると、自動的にHealthを回復させる。

The caster places a protective ward on an ally that automatically restores health when the ally falls close to death.

Cleansing Aura
Talent NoImage Sustained このモードがアクティブの間、癒しと浄化のエネルギーを放出する。数秒ごとに近くの味方のHealthと傷を癒す。

While this mode is active, waves of healing and cleansing energy emanate from the caster, restoring health to all nearby allies every few seconds and curing the injuries of allies very close to the caster.