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Branch One[]

Spider Shape
Spell SpiderShape Sustained
Range: Personal
Upkeep: 50
Fatigue: 5%
Cooldown: 90s
大蜘蛛に変身することができる。Spider`s webとPoison spitのアビリティを獲得し、Nature resistanceに大きなボーナスを得る。変身後の強さはキャスターのスペルパワーで決まります。Master Shapeshifterではさらに強力になり、Overwhelmのアビリティを獲得する。
アビリティ:Spider`s web, Poison spit, Overwhelm (Master Shapeshifter)

The shapeshifter can transform into a giant spider, gaining a large bonus to nature resistance as well as the spider’s Web and Poison Spit abilities. The caster’s spellpower determines how powerful the form is. With Master Shapeshifter, the mage becomes a corrupted spider, growing still stronger and gaining the Overwhelm ability.

Bear Shape
Spell BearShape Sustained
Range: Personal
Upkeep: 60
Fatigue: 5%
Cooldown: 90s
Requires: Level 8
熊に変身することができる。SlamとRageのアビリティを獲得し、Nature resistanceとArmorに大きなボーナスを得る。変身後の強さはキャスターのスペルパワーで決まります。Master Shapeshifterではさらに強力になり、Overwhelmのアビリティを獲得する。

アビリティ:Slam, Rage, Overwhelm (Master Shapeshifter)

The shapeshifter can transform into a bear, gaining large bonuses to nature resistance and armor as well as the bear’s Slam and Rage abilities. The caster’s spellpower further enhances this bear’s statistics and abilities. With Master Shapeshifter, this form transforms the caster into a powerful bereskarn and gains the Overwhelm ability.

Flying Swarm
Spell FlyingSwarm Null The shapeshifter’s body explodes into a swarm of stinging insects that inflict nature damage on nearby foes, with the damage increasing based on the caster’s spellpower and proximity. While in this form, the caster gains Divide the Swarm, and any damage the shapeshifter suffers is drawn from mana instead of health, but the caster regenerates no mana. The swirling cloud of insects is immune to normal missiles and has a very good chance of evading physical attacks but is extremely vulnerable to fire. With Master Shapeshifter, the character gains health whenever the swarm inflicts damage.
Master Shapeshifter
Spell MasterShapeshifter Null Mastery of the shifter’s ways alters the forms of Bear Shape and Spider Shape, allowing the caster to become a bereskarn and a corrupted spider, both considerably more powerful than their base forms. In those forms, the shapeshifter also gains Overwhelm. Additionally, the Flying Swarm shape drains health from foes whenever the main swarm inflicts damage.

変身後の能力を強化する。Bear ShapeとSpider ShapeはOverwhelmを使えるようになる。さらにFlying Swarmは攻撃時にHealthを吸収する。