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Branch One[]

Talent NoImage Activated Reaverは死を大いに楽しみます。近くにある死体からエネルギーを吸収してHealthを回復します。
Frightening Appearance
Talent NoImage Activated This talent focuses the Reaver’s unsettling countenance into a weapon, making a target cower in fear unless it passes a mental resistance check. Frightening Appearance also increases the effectiveness of Taunt and Threaten.
Aura of Pain
Talent NoImage Sustained Radiating an aura of psychic pain, the reaver takes constant spirit damage while this mode is active, as do all enemies nearby.
Blood Frenzy
Talent NoImage Sustained Driven by pain, the reaver gains larger bonuses to damage whenever health decreases. Because this mode also incurs a penalty to health regeneration, the reaver flirts with death the longer the frenzy persists.