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Branch One[]

Arcane Bolt
Spells ArcaneBolt 能動型
条件:Level 1
球状の魔法のエネルギーを発射し、Spirit damageを与える。
Spirit Damage:(100.0 + Spellpower)×0.3

The caster fires a sphere of magical energy at an enemy, dealing moderate spirit damage.

Arcane Shield
Spells ArcaneShield 持続型
条件:Level 3
Defense Bonus:(100.0 + Spellpower)×0.1

The caster generates protective sheath that helps divert incoming attacks, gaining a bonus to defense while this mode is active.

Staff Focus
Spells StaffFocus 受動型
条件:Level 7
Damage Bonus (杖使用時, 武器の基本Damageを除く, %): 33.33

The character has specialized in direct attacks using a mage staff, gaining a permanent bonus to damage from basic attacks.

Arcane Mastery
Spells ArcaneMastery 受動型
条件:Level 10
+5 Spellpower

The mage has gained keen familiarity with the arcane arts, granting a permanent bonus to spellpower.

Branch Two[]

Fade Shield
Talent NoImage Passive

The mage alters Arcane Shield to step partway into the Fade, adding a significant chance of resisting hostile spells or evading physical attacks while that spell is active, and a lesser chance of both when the spell is inactive.

Elemental Mastery
Talent NoImage Sustained

The mage has learned to amplify the effects of each of the elements, increasing any elemental damage increased by other attacks while this spell is active.

Talent NoImage Sustained

The mage has become more attuned to surrounding magical energies, gaining bonuses to willpower, magic, and mana regeneration.

Time Spiral
Talent NoImage Activated

The mage, through great concentration, is able to alter perception of time, resetting the cooldown on all spells.

Branch Three[]

Repulsion Field
Talent NoImage Sustained

For as long as this spell is active, waves of repulsive energy emanate from the mage. With every wave, nearby enemies are knocked back unless they pass a physical resistance check. Mana is consumed each time a creature is knocked back.

Talent NoImage Sustained

Waves of invigorating bolster nearby allies, substantially reducing their fatigue, meaning that their spells or talents will cost less to activate while this spell is active. However, the caster's mana drains continuously.

Arcane Field
Talent NoImage Sustained

While this spell is active, the mage radiates arcane energy every few seconds, emitting waves of projectiles that deal spirit damage to enemies within the field. Each projectile consumes a small amount of mana.

Mystical Negation
Talent NoImage Sustained

An aura of beneficial magic surrounds the mage while this spell is active. Every few seconds, the spell banishes any magical effects within the field that were created by a hostile creature. Each dispelled effect consumes a small amount of mana.