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Branch One[]

Dual-Weapon Training
Talent Dw Training 受動型
条件:12 Dexterity
Combat Training
The character has become more proficient fighting with two weapons, and now deals closer to normal damage bonus with the off-hand weapon.
Dual-Weapon Finesse
Talent Dw Finesse 受動型
条件:16 Dexterity
Combat Training
The character is extremely skilled at wielding a weapon in each hand, gaining bonus to attack and defense.
Dual-Weapon Expert
Talent Dw Expert 受動型
条件:Level 9
条件:26 Dexterity
Combat Training
The character has significant experience with two-weapon fighting, gaining a bonus to critical chance, as well as a possibility with each hit to inflict bleeding lacerations that continue to damage a target for a time.
Dual-Weapon Mastery
Talent Dw Mastery 受動型
条件:Level 12
条件:36 Dexterity
Combat Training
Only a chosen few truly master the complicated art of fighting with two weapons, but the character is now among that elite company, able to wield full-sized weapons in both hands. Stamina costs for all dual-weapon talents are also reduced.

Branch Two[]

Branch Three[]