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Class Arcanewarrior

古代のエルフたちの中には、自らの魔術の技を武術の技量を高める手段として用いた魔術師たちがいた。彼らは武器や体を介して魔力と結びつき、戦場の恐怖となった。大概のものはこの技術が永遠に失われたと考えていたが、忘れられた世界の片隅に転がっていたようだ。Arcane warriorたちはmagicの値を高レベルの武器や鎧を装備するのに必要なstrengthの値の代わりとすることができる。

  • 専門職ボーナス:+1 Aexterity, +5 Attack

Arcane Warrior Spells[]

Branch One[]

Combat Magic
Talent NoImage Sustained While this mode is active, the arcane warrior channels magic inward, trading increased fatigue for an attack bonus and the ability to use Magic to determine combat damage. Aura of Might and Fade Shroud improve the effects. Additionally, regardless of whether the mode is active, an arcane warrior who has learned this spell may use the magic attribute to satisfy the strength requirement to equip higher-level weapons or armor.
Aura of Might
Talent NoImage Passive The arcane warrior’s prowess with Combat Magic grows, granting additional bonuses to attack, defense, and damage while in that mode.
Shimmering Shield
Talent NoImage Sustained The arcane warrior is surrounded by a shimmering shield of energy that blocks most damage and grants large bonuses to armor and all resistances. When active, however, the Shimmering Shield consumes mana rapidly.
Fade Shroud
Talent NoImage Passive The arcane warrior now only partly exists in the physical realm while Combat Magic is active. Spanning the gap between the real world and the Fade grants a bonus to mana regeneration and a chance to avoid attacks.