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Alistair 01
種族 Human
性別 男性
職業 Warrior, Templar
場所 Ostagar
クエスト Alistair's Family

Ostagarを生き残ったAlistairは、Grey Wardenの務めを果たすべく主人公と行動を共にする。


名称 / 情報 説明
Alistair's Mother's Amulet
Castle Redcliffe, Plot Item
This silver emblem of Andraste's Flame is riddled with cracks. Someone with a lot of patience has carefully glued it back together.
Duncan's Shield
Market Warehouse, Plot Item
The symbol of the Grey Wardens is emblazoned on this shield, which once belonged to Duncan. It was found in the Grey Wardens cache in Denerim.
Black Runestone
Aeducan Thaig,
A flat black stone with a glowing silver rune carved into it.
Joining Chalice
Ostagar, DLC: Return to Ostagar
Darkspawn blood still encrusts this silver chalice. With a shudder, you remember the day you brought it to your lips and drank deeply of all the mysteries that lay within.
Onyx Demon Statuette
East Brecilian Forest,
A small statue of a demon, carved out of onyx.
Small Carved Statuette
A small carving of a robed woman.
Stone Dragon Statuette
Castle Redcliffe
A small stone carving of a dragon.
Stone Warrior Statuette
Mountainside Caverns
A small stone carving of a humanoid warrior.
White Runestone
Circle Tower
A small, flat white stone with a gold rune carved into it.

Plot Skills[]

Minor Constitution +1 Constitution 好感度 25%
Moderate Constitution +2 Constitution 好感度 50%
Major Constitution +3 Constitution 好感度 75%
Massive Constitution +4 Constitution 好感度 90%