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魔法を組み合わせることで、より強力な魔法を発動する。 魔法を発動させるとCodexSpell Combinationsが更新されます。

名称 組み合わせ 説明
Nightmare Spell Sleep + Spell Horror
Sleep + Horror
Codex: Creatures that are asleep are particularly suggestible, and thus ill-equipped to resist the spine-chilling effect of a Horror spell. The vivid nightmares that result inflict massive spirit damage, the shock killing many lesser creatures outright. Those unlucky enough to survive are certain to emerge from the ordeal in a state of fear.

(100+1.0*SP) spirit damage instantly.

Advanced Reanimation Spell SpellMight + Spell AnimateDead
Spell Might+
Animate Dead
Spell Mightをアクティブにした状態でAnimate Deadを使うとより強力なスケルトンを召喚する。
  • Grease Fire
Grease + Any Fire Spell
  • Entropic Death
Death Hex + Death Cloud
  • Paralysis Explosion
Glyph of Paralysis + Glyph of Repulsion
  • Storm of the Century
Spell Might + Blizzard + Tempest
  • Flame Quencher
Grease Fire + Blizzard
Grease Fireを鎮火させる。
  • Shockwave
Crushing Prison + Force Field
周囲の敵と味方にPhysical damageを与え転倒させる。
  • Improved Drain
Vulnerability Hex + Drain Life/Mana Drain
  • Advanced Reanimation
Spell Might + Animate Dead
Spell Mightをアクティブにした状態でAnimate Deadを使うとより強力なスケルトンを召喚する。
  • Nightmare
Sleep + Horror
  • Shattering
Petrified/Cone of Cold + Critical Hit/Stonefist/Crushing Prison