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Which problems do you think Bioware would address 1st in their upcoming Patch (if there even is one).
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Nice. *SPOILERS* Don't forget the whole completing-the-quest-in-the-Blackmarsh-prematurely-triggering-the-final-quest issue. That one got me on my first playthrough. (Sigrun, Velanna, you have my condolences, but you can never become Grey Wardens)--rival_grace

So if you finish all the Blackmarsh quests, you won't be able to recruit Velanna & Sigrun ever? not even if you take them to the Joining right after you meet them?
You can get them to take the Joining right after you meet them. But, if you (as I did on my first playthrough), complete the main quests in their areas after the Blackmarsh and then attempt the side and companion quests, you sadly cannot get the conversation option with Varel to put them through the Joining.

The gloves of the Blackblade armor set are also missing. (I wanted my rogue to wear that set so much *sad face*) --rival_grace

LOL on the Mother bug.

That is one Serious Bug.
Fycan [fahy-kan] @ 17:31, May 4, 2010 (UTC)

Bug Fest

Current Bug

  • Smuggler's Run Quest Exploit
  • Long Loading Time
  • Base Damage Bug on Character Screen
  • Vigilance Graphic Bug
  • Seneschal Armor Set Bug
  • Missing Boots of that Armor Set Bug
  • Glittering on Enemy Corpse Bug when it's unlootable
  • Infinite Money Bug through Merchants
  • Instant +100 Approval Bug
  • No Diminishing Return Approval Bug
  • During the Quest Shadows of the StanMarsh, if the Warden sided with the chick Blood Mage and asked her for +10 additional Attributes, none will be given. Obviously due to Programming Error as a request for Blood Magic Specialization works.

PC Specific Bugs pcIcon pc:

  • pcIcon pc Tactics Awakening introduces some old console bugs not present in the PC version of Origins, allowing the player to assign Tactics to summoned creatures by clicking on the '# new tactics slots have been added' message on summon. In addition, the Ranger's Wolf/Blight Wolf summon hides 3/4 skills, mostly taken from Dog's repertoire, normally inaccessible to the player. Via the tactics menu, you can make the Wolf auto-cast those hidden abilities.
  • pcIcon pc Tactics Mass Rejuvenation does not work properly in Tactics.
  • pcIcon pc Tactics Enemy: Nearest visible mage does not work as intended. Targetting melee monsters such as Squeaker.
  • pcIcon pc DLC When using an imported character, most of the DLC content (Promotional & Warden's Keep) items will not be transferred (excluding Memory Band which transferred but does not work). However, if you have these items equipped on your character, even though the items themselves disappear, their Statistics/Resistances/Fatigue modifications will be merged into the character's base attributes. (You can end up having character with 30% or more starting fatigue, or +25% Cold Damage & Reistance while naked)
  • pcIcon pc DLC The issue with Warden's Keep DLC actually presents another dilemma which is not currently at stake since the Power of Blood are rendered useless in The Awakening. But when the Power of Blood are actually functioning in Awakening, users would have to choose between using the Power of Blood talents or having their Sentinel Armor looking as it should be. Since "neither can function while another is activated."
  • pcIcon pc Mod Some players have reported that no armor in their game has any rune slots. Most likely caused by unofficial mods. Simply disabling mods doesn't fix it, they have to be disabled and then start a new game.
  • pcIcon pc Cinematic If you use [Esc] to stop the ending, then you read the epilogue, you get an unknown bug that causes the "killing the Mother" cutscene to play on an infinite loop after the credits. You can also get this without hitting ESC, the scene will play once more but go to the credits the second time instead of showing the epilogue.
  • pcIcon pc Cinematic Upon saving Vigil's Keep in the Quest Vigil's Keep-Saving-Over-Amaranthine, Darkspawn can still be seen hitting NPCs during Ending Cinematic Dialogue with the Warden.
  • pcIcon pc Companions Oghren Approval only goes up by +1.
  • pcIcon pc Ratings The Mother's nipples are showing without any censor making the game Rated X instead of 18A.
  • pcIcon pc Gameplay There is no Automatic-Save-Game at the end of the Awakening for future import (if disabled, Origins will still have a single Automatic-Save at the end)
  • pcIcon pc Gameplay Damage & Attack Rating isn't updated properly on Character Screen as of Patch 1.03
  • pcIcon pc Gameplay A masterpiece silverite rune (created using runecrafting) became an armor rune instead of a weapon rune.
  • pcIcon pc Gameplay Codex entries for companions will sometimes read that they have died in battle, even if the epilogue says they have survived.
  • pcIcon pc Gameplay The Vigil's Keep town keeps resetting itself. For example, the lootable chests and crates reappear, Lilith appears again and walks away after talking to her, and Herren's inventory resets to default.
  • pcIcon pc Gameplay Companions' highest approval rank is displayed as "Neutral/Love" instead of "Friendly".
  • pcIcon pc Gameplay Anders' gift, Phylacteries, gives only one approval. Herwin 13:33, April 17, 2010 (UTC)
  • pcIcon pc Gameplay Chose to excecute the Darkspawn that helped save Ameranthine, yet he is shown as alive in the end credits helping others
  • pcIcon pc Gameplay Some Imported Armor might not have Rune Slots
  • pcIcon pc Gameplay +Healing Recieved gives next to no Bonuses (take into account the Warrior's Spellpower)
  • pcIcon pc Gameplay Cross Bow Damage remains Broken
  • pcIcon pc Quest - Smuggler's Run In the quest Smuggler's Run in Amaranthine (given by Shady Character) you are asked to speak to the innkeeper at the local tavern to get him to allow smuggling to continue. When you return you will be rewarded and invited down into the passage inside the house adjacent to him. Inside you will deal with some thieves and after you have cleared them out the Master Smuggler will show up. When you speak to him he will give you a gift of 15 gold and 500 experience points and offer you another job. Decline his offer and initiate dialogue again. He will once more reward you with 15 gold and 500 experience points. This can be repeated as much as you desire.
  • pcIcon pc Quest - Defend of Vigil's Keep If the Warden saved Amaranthine but did not take up the side-quest through the Blight Orfans Notis Bord, the epilogue will still show what happened to Dirk.
  • pcIcon pc Quest - Silverite Mine The Silverite Mine is extremely buggy. If *anyone* is equipped with something the corresponding experimental subject cannot carry, that equipment will disappear. Herwin 13:33, April 17, 2010 (UTC) *edit* This isn't always true. There have been some reported playthroughs where the characters had on Warden specific gear that the ES couldn't equip, but after defeating the ES all items were there, just not equiped. (I have also confirmed this myself) 15:23, April 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • pcIcon pc Quest - Some Stones in Wending Woods Experience bug on Voldrik Glavonak's granite quest. After locating and telling him that there is granite in Wending Wood, he will ask you for guards for the miner's protection. Pick the second one saying "We're already short on soldiers. You can't have any." This will give a 500 exp reward. This process can be repeated many times over as long as the player desires.
  • pcIcon pc Quest - The Arl of Redcliffe If the Warden opt for Right of Anulment at the Circle before doing the Arl Quest, Alistair will still be telling the Warden to head to The Circle to get help from the mages who do not exist any longer.
  • pcIcon pc Ability - Momentum There is a bug in core_h.nss resulting in the loss of any attack speed bonus if the speed modifier is higher than 0.5. Activating Haste + Momentum corresponds to a speed modifier of 0.55, resulting in the loss of the speed bonus. Activating Haste + Momentum + Precise Striking results in a valid speed modifier of 0.45.
  • pcIcon pc Ability - Unending Flurry If a rogue uses this talent some bosses like The Architect and the Baroness tend to copy the movement. This happens even if they don't carry dual wielding weapons.
    File:Dragon Age Origins Awakening - Disco Age Origins Awakening
  • pcIcon pc Ability - Heroic Defense will set Character's Defense & Resistance to NoValue/NegativeRed if the Character Screen is opened during combat while Heroic Defense is on.
  • pcIcon pc Ability - Find Vitals Skill for Warriors and Rogues give no bonuses.
  • pcIcon pc Ability - Rapid Aim The Speed cancles themselves out at certain unmentioned value
  • pcIcon pc Ability - Melee Attack Speed Cancles themselves out at certain unmentioned value.
  • pcIcon pc Ability - Power of Blood These abilities are not imported to Awakening properly as promised.
  • pcIcon pc Ability - Stealing This skill does nothing as of 1.03 to normal NPCs.

XBoX Specific Bugs ps3Icon ps3:

  • ps3Icon ps3 Rune etchings do not appear in my inventory after purchase and/or discovery so it renders the ability useless
Note: They're not supposed to appear in the inventory: they're added to the crafting menu.
  • ps3Icon ps3 On my first playthrough Herren's vendor inventory would continually reset, allowing multiple panancea, rainswept, and other unique items. This issue was alleviated when i cleared system cache (removed the game patch)
  • ps3Icon ps3 The Manual of Focus will only recognize a maximum of 99 attribute points. If your character has more than 99 points, the additional points will be lost upon using the Manual. This is not true for all PS3 system copies.
  • ps3Icon ps3 Herbalism cannot be used in some playthroughs
  • ps3Icon ps3 The Awakening epilogue will not recognize romance with Morrigan if you speak to her at the Final Battle in Origins, meaning you can't get a Morrigan epilogue in Awakening if you get the Ring epilogue in Origins. (It seems that this can be fixed if you hold off giving Morrigan the mirror gift until after loading the post epilogue save, which reactivates romance again.)

PS3 Specific Bugs ps3Icon ps3:

  • ps3Icon ps3 When collecting the 4 pieces of the Sentinel Armor during Shadows of the Blackmarsh, you must obtain all pieces before leaving. If you exit the area, there is a chance that the pieces may be replaced with a duplicate of one of the items already in your inventory.
  • ps3Icon ps3 Loss of functionality after saving Amaranthine. Talked to the weaponsmith after killing the Ogre Commander. Then talked to the enchanter, resulting in the rune enchantment screen coming up without a background. Exited this and talked to him again, resulting in a pause state without any GUI. The only way to exit was to press Start twice. After this, could not save or exit the zone.
  • ps3Icon ps3 Visuals for the epilogues may not load, just displaying the text on a blank screen, before the brood mother's death scene is replayed, then the credits will not display.

Across multiple Platforms:

  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 Main character's equipment may disappear during the Silverite Mine portion of the game, details on that page.
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 Companions may not be allowed to undergo the Joining without improvisation unless the three main quests are done in a particular order. See Velanna's Joining.
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 Companions instantly attain +100 Approval on the first Gift given right at the moment they meat.
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 When initially equipping a shield, it will appear on the avatar normally. However, whenever you switch between primary and secondary weapon sets, the shield will disappear. It still shows as equipped in the inventory, but does not appear on the avatar's back in game. In battle, the character motions as if pulling out the shield, but it's not there. If you return to the inventory screen and re-equip the shield, it will show again. However, the defense stats seem to be the same regardless of whether or not the shield is visible. Further investigation suggests this happens only after using a Manual of Focus. To avoid the bug, un-equip ALL items before using the manual.
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 Accepting the quest Law and Order in Amaranthine will eliminate your ability to initiate Sigrun's personal quest. A dwarven woman standing at the bottom of the steps leading up to the tavern will no longer spawn if this quest has been accepted. If you picked up both Law and Order and Smuggler's Run and decide to side with the smugglers instead, it will cancel the bug out.
Note: It is possible that this is not a bug or a glitch and is meant to work this way. Sigrun's quest is called Sigrun's Roguish past, meaning if you completed law and order and became friendly with the city guards instead of the smugglers, Sigrun will notice and hide her past, effectively not giving her personal quest.
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 If the player is using an imported Warden, many of the Codex pages collected during Origins will have been removed. The removed pages appear as empty slots in the log rather than being erased. Saving and reloading the game apparently fixes this.
  • ps3Icon ps3 ps3Icon ps3 Able to access the Silverite Mine before talking to Velanna. See Silverite Mine page for details.
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 ps3Icon ps3 The gloves, breastplate, and boots of the Sentinel armor set will look like the Warden Commander armor on a human character if your DA:O game had the Warden's Keep DLC installed. Deactivating the Warden's Keep DLC will apparently fix this.
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 ps3Icon ps3 +HEALING SPEELLS DOES NOTHING!!!!!

Bioware's 1st Priority Updates (Bioware's, Not Users')

  • Smuggler's Run Quest Exploit
  • Infinite Money Bug through Merchants

Issue that Bioware Will/Have Been Avoiding to Update

  • Power of Blood Bug
  • Missing Boots of that Armor Set Bug
  • Glittering on Enemy Corpse Bug when it's unlootable
  • Instant +100 Approval Bug
  • No Diminishing Return Approval Bug
  • Seneschal Armor Set Bug
  • Vigilance Graphic Bug
  • Companions Status Bug (Neutral, Warm, Friendly, Love)


What if they don't come out with a patch for DAA at all? Reviewing all their bugs, they might be convinced that patching DAA is just too much trouble. They could simply come out with DA2 and turn a blind eye to their haphazard attempt at an expansion. I bet that if any patch comes out at all, it'll be one that only smooths out all the freezing issues in DAO. --rival_grace

I remember reading somewhere on Bioware Forums that Bioware is actually working on a Patch, BUT, they have not openly acknowledge many of the Bugs being complaints. So I don't know what exactly are they working on.
Fycan [fahy-kan] @ 10:42, May 2, 2010 (UTC)

So why is it that the pcIcon pc got so much more Bugs than any other Platforms? Or do these Bugs also exist on Consoles without any acknowledgement from the users..
I've never tried this myself but this Talent - Unending Flurry Bug is pretty HUGE. What the Sod..
Fycan [fahy-kan] @ 17:54, May 4, 2010 (UTC)

From the looks of the video, the Unending Flurry Bug seems like it could be exploited. Distract the enemy, have a rogue go into Stealth and use Unending Flurry from a flanking position, while the enemy is trapped in Unending Flurry in the direction it's facing, move party members into flanking positions. --Rival grace 10:30, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

Fycan [fahy-kan] @ 02:35, May 7, 2010 (UTC)
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