BioWare announced that it has planned out two years worth of downloadable content that will range from small items like desktop wallpapers up through simple content packs like armor and weapons, through smaller adventures like The Warden's Keep, all the way to full expansion packs with dozens of hours of new game play. All DLC, including the pre-order and collector’s edition items, can be purchased from your in-game journal.

Return to Ostagar

Available for this holiday season for US$5 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 Return to Ostagar includes a chance to obtain the arms and armor of a king and a second opportunity to add Dog to your party.

The Stone Prisoner

Available at launch for any new copy of the game for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, this DLC adds the companion Shale to the game. For players who purchase a used copy, it can be bought separately for US$15.

The Warden's Keep

Available at launch for the direct download version Collector's Edition, it includes a new location on your world map, at least one new quest, two new achievements.

NPC vendors and a party storage chest can be found here once the Warden's Keep quests are completed.

Available DLCs at release

The following DLCs are available at release of the game (including preorder bonuses)

Name Type Description How to get
The Stone Prisoner NPC Full fledged NPC Shale including personal quest Code in every game box
Blood Dragon Armor Armor Set of powerful heavy armor Code in every game box

The Warden's Keep Quest Mini expansion Digital Collector's Edition or buy for $7

Bergen’s Honor Helmet +2 armor, +25% physical resistance, +6 attack Collector's Edition
Grimoire of the Frozen Wastes Book +3 attribute points Collector's Edition
Final Reason Staff Powerful mage's staff for mid-level game Collector's Edition

Lucky Stone Ring Adds +1 to all stats. Upload Character to social site
Embri's Many Pockets Belt +5%to elemental resistances Dragon Age: Journeys - finish first quest
Amulet Of the War Mage Amulet +5% to elemental damage Dragon Age: Journeys - defeat all 4 ogres in a single game
Helm of the Deep Helm +2 Con + 10 physical/mental resistance Dragon Age: Journeys - earn all five in game achievements

Memory Band Ring +1%XP / +1 Skillpoint Preorder at any retailer
Lion's Paw Boots Bonus to armor, dodge and evading missiles Preorder at Amazon
Feral Wolf Charm Amulet Bonus to armor and health regeneration Preorder at Gamestop
The Wicked Oath Ring +10% critical, +2 armor piercing, +1 stamina regeneration Preorder at Steam
Band of Fire Ring Adds to Stamina, fire resistance and spirit resistance Preorder at EA store
Dalish Promise Ring Ring Adds to healing, health regeneration adds to armor vs darkspawn Preorder at Direct2Drive
Guildmaster’s Belt Belt Bonus to Gold Gain, Cunning and Dodge Preorder at GameCrazy


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