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Vorlagen-Dokumentation (für die oben gezeigte Vorlage, die manchmal versteckt oder unsichtbar ist)

This template is used for template documentation on the wiki.


| parameter = 
| req       = 
| default   =
| usage     = }}
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The parameter used by the template. If there's more than one, separate them by using a comma, e.g., name,title,page.

Star (silver)

The default value of the parameter, if there is one.

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req | (default = no)

If the parameter is necessary to the template to work, use yes. It will add a golden star Star (gold) next to the parameter name.

If the parameter is not necessary, it will automatically add a silver star Star (silver) instead.

Star (gold)

Explanation of the parameter and the type of values that can be used. Adding examples with a suggested format (sometimes required by the guidelines on DA:MOS) is also helpful.

Dokumentation übernoommen von Vorlage:Docparam/doc.
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