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*[[Ungewöhnliche Maßnahmen]]
*[[Ungewöhnliche Maßnahmen]]
*[[Der Schlüssel zur Stadt]]
*[[Der Schlüssel zur Stadt]]
|style = {{{style|}}}
|name = [[Orzammar]]
|icon = Ico_Orzammar.png
|image = Orzammar_concept_art.JPG
|px = 270px
|terrain = Underground
|type = [[Thaigs|Thaig]]
|location = [[Frostback Mountains]], [[Deep Roads]], [[World Map]]
|inhabitants = [[Dwarves]]
|sections = [[Orzammar Commons]] <br> [[Dust Town]] <br> [[Orzammar Hall of Heroes]] <br> [[Orzammar Diamond Quarter]]
|extra = [[File:Orzammar5.jpg|250px]]
|appearances = [[Dragon Age: Origins]] <br> [[Dragon Age: Journeys]]
== Background ==
According to the dwarven history, the dwarven empire once spread across all of [[Thedas]], and that the underground city-fortresses called [[thaig]]s were almost beyond counting. [[Kal-Sharok]] was the capital then, home to all the noble [[house]]s, and Orzammar was simply the home of the miner and [[Smith caste|smith]] [[caste]]s.
It is an awe–inspiring sight, a great city of stone standing within a vast cavern, poised over a sea of molten lava. There the forges ring loudest, and the finest smiths create works that are the envy of all races. Countless thaigs were lost in the [[First Blight]], when the [[darkspawn]] poured out of the [[Deep Roads]] like smoke. With each generation, more of the Deep Roads had to be sealed, more thaigs lost forever. Now only Orzammar stands—the last bastion of the dwarven race and its finest creation.<ref>[ "Orzammar"]. Official Dragon Age: Origins website. Retrieved April 10, 2012.</ref>
Orzammar, its last remaining sister-city of [[Kal-Sharok]] and [[Kal'Hirol]], are considered "great thaigs", as opposed to the numerous other thaigs as they were once the main centers of the dwarven empire.
[[File:Orzammar WOT.jpg|thumb|280px|Concept art of Orzammar.<ref>{{Cite wot|18}}</ref>]]
== Places ==
{{:Alimar's Emporium|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Carta Hideout|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Chamber of the Assembly|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Orzammar Chantry|style=iconmini}}, if you complete the quest [[The Chant in the Deep]].{{clrl}}
{{:Orzammar Commons|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Orzammar Diamond Quarter|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Dust Town|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Dust Town Home|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Figor's Imports|style=iconmini}}, locked when you first arrive.{{clrl}}
{{:Orzammar Hall of Heroes|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Harrowmont's Estate|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Janar Armorers|style=iconmini}}, a smithy.{{clrl}}
{{:Orzammar Prison|style=iconmini}}, encountered in [[The Exile]] quest.{{clrl}}
{{:Orzammar Proving|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Orzammar Royal Palace|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Orzammar Shaperate|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Tapster's Tavern|style=iconmini}}, a popular tavern of the area.{{clrl}}
=== The Diamond Quarter ===
[[File:Dragon age origins conceptart rroUX.jpg|thumb|230px|Orzammar concept art]]
[[Orzammar Diamond Quarter]] is the home to the very pinnacle of dwarven society, the [[Noble caste]] and the Royal family. It is, also, the highest point in Orzammar, looking down upon the rest of the city. The many halls here contain the most important aspects of dwarven society and is not often seen by those of other castes. On some occasions, however, a select few of the [[Merchant caste]] are allowed to set up stalls here and sell their wares directly to the nobles.
The [[Orzammar Palace|Royal Palace]], home to the [[House Aeducan]]'s own [[Prince Bhelen Aeducan]], sits here as does the [[Harrowmont's Estate|estate]] of [[Lord Pyral Harrowmont]]. The [[Chamber of the Assembly|Assembly]] resides next to the Palace, the home of Orzammar's bitter political battles. For those few outsiders engaging in diplomatic relations, a ceremonial [[Key to the City]] awaits, should they take it upon themselves to learn more of dwarven culture. The [[Orzammar Shaperate|Shaperate]] lies next to the Assembly, the literal memories of the Dwarven society. If it is not recorded within the Shaperate, it is either completely unknown, misplaced in the Deep Roads or outright ignored.
This is the starting point for the [[Dwarf Noble Origin]]. Orzammar merchants are here for a time being, but you cannot go anywhere else other than the [[Proving Grounds]].
=== The Commons ===
The home to the working classes of Orzammar, particularly those of the Merchant Caste. It is where they, and those permitted from the [[Surface dwarves]], peddle their wares. It is a respectable and well maintained sector, a far cry from the destitution of Dust Town, playing host to the Proving Grounds.
The Proving Grounds are the home of the honourable dwarven gladatorial contests known simply as "[[The Provings]]". While these Provings are often the sole preserve of dwarven honour and politics, adventerous outsiders with more "exotic" fighting styles can seek out certain parties and participate in matches with young, glory-hungry nobles. Monetary compensation is provided, of course.
=== Dust Town ===
[[Dust Town]] is the poorest sector of Orzammar. The old palace of the thaig used to be located here but now it is in an appalling state of disrepair and ruin and is the veritable "seedy underbelly" of the city. The reason is that it is the home of the [[Casteless dwarves|Casteless]], or "Dusters" as they are informally known, dwarves shunned by the rest of society and left to rot. The inhabitants of Dust Town have no rights and are not allowed to do work that is performed by any of the other [[Castes]] and, as such, the majority turn to crime. Those who choose a life of crime rally under the banner of the [[Carta]], headed by [[Jarvia]]. Beyond crime, the only other means of survival are begging, "[[Noble hunters|Noble Hunting]]" or hunting [[nug]]s.
Dust Town is a dangerous place and should an unwary outsider ever find their way in the midst of the Carta's territory, the local Dusters will feel no hesitation in relieving them of their possessions.
[[Dust Town]] is also the starting point for the [[Dwarf Commoner Origin]]. it is also home to the commoner's home. but if you travel back to Orzammar, your [[Dust Town Home|house]] is taken by the Carta.
[[File:Entrance to Orzammar.png|thumb|250px|The surface entrance of Orzammar in the [[Frostback Mountains]].]]
== Associated quests ==
All of the following quests are initiated, but not necessarily completed, in Orzammar itself.
=== Main quests ===
{{:A Lord's Trust: The First Task|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:A Lord's Trust: The Second Task|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:A Prince's Favor: The First Task|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:A Prince's Favor: The Second Task|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Shifting Allegiances|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Betrayed from Within|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:A Paragon of Her Kind|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
=== Side quests ===
{{:A Lost Nug|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:A Mother's Hope|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:An Unlikely Scholar|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Exotic Methods|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Jammer's Stash|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Lost to the Memories|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Of Noble Birth|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Precious Metals|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Seek out Steward Bandelor|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:The Chant in the Deeps|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:The Dead Caste|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:The Golem Registry|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:The Key to the City|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Thief in the House of Learning|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Zerlinda's Woe|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
=== Surrounding environments ===
These quests take place entirely outside of Orzammar, though they are filed under "Orzammar" in the journal.
{{:An Admirable Topsider|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:The Drifters' Cache|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
== Key to the City ==
{{:Key to the City|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
While wandering through Orzammar, you will come across several pieces of Codex with regard to governing in Orzammar. Once you have collected all of them, you will receive a new quest called 'The Key to the City'. To collect the Key to the City, go to the Assembly in the Diamond Quarter and enter the left alcove. There will be a large crate here. Inside is the Key to the City accessory.
== Items ==
=== Notable gifts for companions ===
{{Main|Gifts (Origins)}}
{{:Ale|style=iconmini}}, bought from [[Ruck]] in the [[Ortan Thaig]].{{clrl}}
{{:Alley King's Flagon|style=iconmini}}, bought from [[Legnar|Legnar's]] Store in the [[Orzammar Commons]].{{clrl}}
{{:Black Runestone|style=iconmini}}, in a locked {{TextContainer|chest}} in the [[Aeducan Thaig]].{{clrl}}
{{:Cute Nug|style=iconmini}}, bought from the [[Idle Dwarf]] in [[Dust Town]].{{clrl}}
{{:Etched Silver Symbol|style=iconmini}}, bought from Ruck.{{clrl}}
{{:Gemmed Bracelet|style=iconmini}}, bought from [[Garin|Garin's]] Gem Store near the Diamond Quarter in the Orzammar Commons.{{clrl}}
{{:Gold Amulet|style=iconmini}}, bought from Garin's Store.{{clrl}}
{{:Gold Earrings|style=iconmini}}, bought from Legnar's Store.{{clrl}}
{{:Golden Mirror|style=iconmini}}, bought from Garin's Store.{{clrl}}
{{:Golden Symbol of Andraste|style=iconmini}}, bought from Legnar's Store.{{clrl}}
{{:Medium Silver Bar|style=iconmini}}, in a {{TextContainer|chest}} at the [[Anvil of the Void]].{{clrl}}
{{:Remarkable Amethyst|style=iconmini}}, bought from [[Alimar|Alimar's]] Emporium in Dust Town.{{clrl}}
{{:Remarkable Diamond|style=iconmini}}, bought from Garin's Store (console only).{{clrl}}
{{:Remarkable Emerald|style=iconmini}}, bought from [[Figor|Figor's]] Store in the Orzammar Commons.{{clrl}}
{{:Remarkable Sapphire|style=iconmini}}, bought from Legnar's Store.{{clrl}}
{{:Silver Demon Head Ring|style=iconmini}}, bought from Legnar's Store.{{clrl}}
{{:The Search for the True Prophet|style=iconmini}}, in a locked {{TextContainer|chest}} at the [[Orzammar Shaperate|Shaperate]] in the [[Orzammar Diamond Quarter]].{{clrl}}
{{:Totem|style=iconmini}}, in a {{TextContainer|chest}} at [[Caridin's Cross]].{{clrl}}
=== Unique Equipment ===
{{:Nugbane|style=iconmini}}, may be stolen (with a toolset fix) from the [[Mines Commander]].{{clrl}}
This item is improperly flagged as equipped, yet marked as stealable were it not for this fact. Unequipping this item from the npc through the toolset will allow it to be stolen as the stealable marker suggests it should be.
{{:Dwarven Defender|style=iconmini}}, may be stolen (with a toolset workaround) from the [[Captain of the Guard]].{{clrl}}
This item was never properly placed within the game, given the eventual obsolescence of crossbows and the limited amount of [[Sureshot Bolt]]s, the addition of this otherwise unobtainable item has little effect on long-term gameplay.
== Companion remarks ==
One of your companions may make interesting remarks at certain spots:
* Just outside [[Tapster's Tavern]]
* Entering Tapster's Tavern
* Entering Dust Town
* Outside the Royal Palace in the Diamond Quarter
* Entering the Proving
== Banter ==
Party banter may be triggered at the following spots:
* On the bridge leading to the Proving and in the Hall of Heroes near the dwarven scholar.
* In the Diamond Quarter outside the Chamber of the Assembly.
== Bugs ==
* In conversations the [[Warden]] will say that he/she won't leave the city until the election is settled, but if you go into the Deep Roads, you can travel to the Party Camp. When leaving the camp you are able to travel to the outside world, but you cant travel back into the roads, just back to Orzammar.
* In the Commons you are allowed to change your party. Go to the bridge that leads to the Proving and have your Warden/PC's back towards one of the side railings, so that when you change party members the new members will spawn directly behind your PC making them end up in the lava. From there you can switch to your party member below the bridge and go off exploring underneath Orzammar and beyond. You can place your team on hold, if not they'll teleport to your position if you travel far enough. It is possible to get back to the streets of the Commons from below.
== References ==

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Orzammar ist ein Zwergen Thaig das tief unter dem Frostgipfel-Gebirge liegt. Der Legende nach stammt der Name der Thaigs von einem der sieben Brüdern, die das Zwergen Imperium gründeten und seine Nachkommen bilden Heute die Mienen Kaste.

Die Geschichte besagt, dass sich die Zwergen Königreiche einst über ganz Thedas ausbreiteten und es bald mehr der Thaigs genannten unterirdischen Stadtfestungen gab, als man zählen könne. Kal-Sharok war damals die Hauptstadt und die Heimat aller Adelshäuser, Orzammar beheimatete nur die Bergarbeiter- und Schmiedekasten. Es ist ein Ehrfurcht gebietender Anblick: eine große Stadt aus Stein, die sich in einer gewaltigen Höhle über einen See aus geschmolzener Lava erhebt. Dort klingen die Schmieden am lautesten und die besten Schmiede erschaffen Werke, um die sie sämtliche Rassen beneiden. Zahllose Thaigs fielen der ersten Verderbnis zum Opfer, als die Dunkle Brut wie Rauch aus den Tiefen Wegen strömten. Mit jeder Generation mussten mehr Tiefe Wege versiegelt werden und mehr Thaigs gingen für immer verloren. Jetzt steht nur noch Orzammar - die letzte Bastion der Zwergen Rasse und ihre großartigste Schöpfung.


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