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'''Feastday Gifts''' and '''Feastday Pranks''' are [[downloadable content]] packs for ''[[Dragon Age: Origins]]''. The [[gift]]s and pranks are fun items which allow the player to "mess around" with the party [[approval]] system. The items can be purchased from [[Bodahn Feddic]] in the [[Party Camp]]. Each [[companion]] has a unique gift and prank. Many of the items are either usable or can be equipped and possess amusing effects. Most items are restricted to a specific companion. The gifts give {{Approval||50}}, while the pranks give {{Approval||-50}}.
#WEITERLEITUNG [[Dragon Age: Origins#Zusatzinhalte]]
The DLC packs were fittingly released on April 1, 2010—in other words, on [[wikipedia:April Fools' Day|April Fools' Day]]. The free UK PS3 version was released in early March on the UK [[wikipedia:PlayStation Network|PlayStation Network]] along with the 1.03 patch. Each pack is currently available for US$2 (160 Bioware points for PC, 160 Microsoft Points for X360, and $1.99 PSN for PS3). The combo pack is priced at US$3 (240 Bioware points, 240 Microsoft Points, $2.99 PSN).
==Feastday Gifts pack==
|name = Feastday Gifts
|image = Feastday_Gifts_module.png
|caption = Feastday Gifts
|qcat = Downloadable Content
|location = [[Party Camp]]
|appearances = [[Dragon Age: Origins]]
All companion specific gifts give {{Approval||50}}.
{{:Stick|style=iconmini}} for [[Dog]]. Anyone (except [[Shale]]) can throw the stick for Dog to fetch it.{{clrl}}
{{:Grey Warden Hand Puppet|style=iconmini}} for [[Alistair]]. It becomes a toy he can play with.{{clrl}}
{{:Alistair Doll|style=iconmini}} for [[Morrigan]]. It becomes a doll she can play with to inflict [[injuries]] to Alistair if present.{{clrl}}
{{:Qunari Prayers for the Dead|style=iconmini}} for [[Sten]]. He will read it and revive any fallen party members.{{clrl}}
{{:Pet Rock|style=iconmini}} for [[Shale]]. It becomes a pet Shale can play with.{{clrl}}
{{:Fat Lute|style=iconmini}} for [[Leliana]]. It becomes an instrument she can play with.{{clrl}}
{{:Rare Antivan Brandy|style=iconmini}} for [[Zevran]]. It gives him a small buff to dexterity ({{ColorPositiveStat|+2 dexterity}}).{{clrl}}
{{:Amulet of Memories|style=iconmini}} for [[Wynne]]. It summons characters known to her.{{clrl}}
{{:Beard Flask|style=iconmini}} for [[Oghren]]. It gives him a small buff to strength ({{ColorPositiveStat|+2 strength}}).{{clrl}}
{{:King Maric's Shield (gift)|style=iconmini}} for [[Secret Companion]]. It becomes a [[Heavy Shields|heavy shield]], [[King Maric's Shield]].{{clrl}}
The following gifts are not specific to anyone.
{{:Thoughtful Gift|style=iconmini}} {{Approval||10}}{{clrl}}
{{:Sugar Cake|style=iconmini}} {{Approval||5}}{{clrl}}
==Feastday Pranks pack==
|name = Feastday Pranks
|image = Feastday_Pranks_module.png
|caption = Feastday Pranks
|qcat = Downloadable Content
|location = [[Party Camp]]
|appearances = [[Dragon Age: Origins]]
All companion specific pranks give {{Approval||-50}}.
{{:Protective Cone (gift)|style=iconmini}} for Dog. It replaces any equipped mabari [[collar]] with [[Protective Cone]].{{clrl}}
{{:Compleat Geneaology of the Kyngs of Ferelden|style=iconmini}} for Alistair.{{clrl}}
{{:The Chant of Light, Unabridged|style=iconmini}} for Morrigan.{{clrl}}
{{:Butterfly Sword (gift)|style=iconmini}} for Sten. It becomes a [[greatswords|greatsword]], [[Butterfly Sword]].{{clrl}}
{{:Uncrushable Pigeon (gift)|style=iconmini}} for Shale. It becomes a [[Large Crystal]], [[Uncrushable Pigeon]].{{clrl}}
{{:Ugly Boots (gift)|style=iconmini}} for Leliana. It becomes a pair of [[light boots]], [[Ugly Boots]]. {{clrl}}
{{:Chastity Belt (gift)|style=iconmini}} for Zevran. It replaces any equipped [[belt]] with [[Chastity Belt]].{{clrl}}
{{:Cat Lady's Hobble-Stick|style=iconmini}} for Wynne. The cat Fluffykins can distract enemies during combat.{{clrl}}
{{:Scented Soap|style=iconmini}} for Oghren. It can be used by anyone to remove blood spatter.{{clrl}}
{{:Orlesian Mask|style=iconmini}} for Secret Companion.{{clrl}}
The following pranks are not specific to anyone.
{{:Rotten Onion|style=iconmini}} {{Approval||-10}}{{clrl}}
{{:Lump of Charcoal|style=iconmini}} {{Approval||-5}}{{clrl}}
== Importing to Awakening ==
*Sten's Butterfly Sword is the only gift that (without mods) imports into ''[[Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening]]''.
*{{XBOX}} Bodahn doesn't have any items to sell but the gifts.
*{{PS3}} Bodahn's store resets losing any items you have sold to him previously.
*{{PC}} {{PS3}} {{XBOX}} Upon storing the items within the party storage chest (Warden's Keep downloadable content) the gifts will reappear within Bodahn's store, and may be purchased and given to your companions again, for additional approval changes.
*{{PC}} Giving a Feastday gift to a companion when they are already at Friendly or Adore (and possibly Love) can lower that rating back to Warm. The rating does not lower numerically.
*{{XBOX}} Warning: Dialog options are sometimes not available once a companion's approval rating is at certain levels. If you wish to romance a character use feast-day items with caution.
== Gallery ==
<gallery widths="170px" captionalign="center">
butterflysword.png|The Butterfly Sword
Dog_pranks.png|Protective Collar
UglyBoots.png|Ugly Boots
==See also==
* [[Codex entry: Feast Day Fish]]

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