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Location of Dragon Age IV

So the next installment to the Dragon Age series is definitely going to be in Tevinter(judging by the ending to Tresspasser and the trailer). Is it going to be in other places in Northern Thedas as well such as Nevarra and the Anderfells?
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Wynne is overrated

IMO it’s not even that she’s rated very highly, but rather that she should be rated _far_ lower than the lukewarm perception of her. “She’s just kinda there, dropping wisdom every now & then” but goodness, raising her approval in camp really makes me appreciate how Dragon Age II did the rivalry system in such a way that you could take a firm stance against the person without them immediately running away when you approach the broken heart.

Breaking her down to her core, she has one singular overriding trait: responsibility. But, as an Aequitarian, she feels the urge to externalize her own standard of responsibility on literally everyone else to the point where she dictates how they ought to do their own jobs. She sits there & tells the Grey Warden how to be a Grey Warden, as if the Warden has no clue what they’re doing & Wynne was really the First Warden the entire time. Like good god, if she knows how do their job so much better than the Warden, why doesn’t she just choke on some Darkspawn blood & do it herself eh?

& then looking through the Approval guide, it turns out she doesn’t just yell at you over Leliana & Morrigan (another bonus), she actually has a unique set of querulous, inquisitive dialogue for every single romanceable companion. Doesn’t matter who you go for, she is going to call you out because she knows so much more about being a Grey Warden than you that she knows that you definitively should not be having a relationship whatsoever, lest you have to make the choice between the world & your love.

Frankly, I am amazed that she manages to get along with anybody outside of the Chantry, she spends so much time preaching. What do you all think is redeeming about her that makes her a decent person, besides her considerable Spirit Healing? What other problems do you have with her? Would love to hear it :)

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Favorite class

Ok yall I'm new here so I want this question. What is y'alls favorite class and why?
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Why so much hate??

So my question to all of u is this; why so much hate for Sebastian??
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Login and Unlocking Rewards

Hey guys!
So I know it's been a bit minute since I've been on here (last time was when the DA4 trailer came out), but I'm having a but of trouble and kind find dated answers anywhere.

So I started a new PSN account for personal reasons. Anyways, so I have the DA:O Ultimate Edition, and I had to sign into my EA account so I could unlock the rewards like the Feral Wolf Charm and the Staff of Parthalan. However, every time I try to sign into DA:O, it tells me the servers are down, even though I can easily sign into DA2. Also, EA changed the system, and moved everything from the BioWare social network to the DA Keep, and the rewards can be unlocked from the Careers section. I try to unlock the items for PS, and it tells me there is an error, but I can unlock them for PC. Weirdly enough, the trophies I earn are uploaded to the Keep.

Can anyone give me a hand with any of this? It's not my PS3, cause DA2 works fine, and it's not my internet connection either.

Thanks everyone!
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• 2/12/2019

Favorite Dragon Age Books

Which book was your favorite? Why? Ideas for new books?

I've read all of the books, if you haven't yet YOU TOTALLY SHOULD!! Talking about them with ya'll would be awesome.
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• 2/11/2019

Dalish or City Elves

From a story, immersion, and roleplaying perspective, which do you prefer; Dalish Elves or City Elves?

For me, personally, I find it far more believable, mostly when writing an original character or story, to have the protagonist, or side characters for that matter, to be a City Elf, rather than Dalish.

It's just that, so many people want to be that Dalish mage, which I myself am guilty of on occasion, but it's just not realistic. Mages in Dalish clans are highly valued members, and are sought to become apprentice to the Keeper, and have much importance placed upon them. So it doesn't make since, from a story perspective, that this person would just up and leave, with the only explanation being that "got other things to do". Of course, there are special circumstances, such as an Elven mage Inquisitor, who literally has a magical mark bound to their hand, or Merril, who's more or less exiled from her clan for practicing blood magic, already being a pariah among her people. Even when roleplaying or writing a simple Dalish hunter, it wouldn't make since for them to get involved in anything that doesn't directly pose a threat or risk to their clan. Dalish are isolationist, they want nothing to do with the world of humans, and as Solas himself said, some have disappeared entirely into the forest, while clans like Lavellan were rare in having enough interest to deal with humans. This is just another personal opinion of mine, but I feel like having a Dalish Elf as the protagonist, in fan works, is just a bit cliché, and falls into that "destined" archtype, which is fairly overused in Dragon Age, both in fan works and official work, with Hawke being the one exception. Again, just my opinion.

With a City Elf however, they already have that connection to human society, making it not so awkward to see one in a story. That and they have an interesting dynamic of having to balance being Elven while living in a human world. Also, I just find it more interesting to see a City Elf triumph over their enemies or challenges, as in every known part of Thedas, City Elves are the lowest of the low, where the Dalish are completely separated from the social tiers, and if anything, are treated better than City Elves, if only a little, and if only out of fear.

All this being said, I hope that in DA4, if they don't pull a DA2 on us, playing as a City Elf will be an option. If the next game does take place in Tevinter, than is far more likely than playing as a Dalish, as Dorian stated Dalish don't live in Tevinter, and Cassandra even admits to being surprised that the Lavellan clan roamed as far north as the Free Marches.

What's your opinion? I'd love to hear.

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• 2/11/2019

Dragon Age Servers Issue

I started playing DA:I again after a few months, but for some reason it won't let me connect to the Dragon Age servers or to Dragon Age Keep. I recently had to start using a new PlayStation Network account, and so I've looked it up, and it says I need to connect it to my EA account, which I already have. The problem is that, I've looked it up, and supposedly it's supposed to automatically connect. However, that hasn't happened. I also already have a Dragon Age Keep account set up.

So, have the servers just been down for the past week, or do I need to like, go log into a website or something? Or is that just one of those simple issues where all I have to do is reset my PlayStation and press a few things?

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• 2/10/2019

Inquisitor personalities

So I decided to go back to DAI after years of neglecting it and read some wiki to refresh my memories, and I found that on the DAI dialog wheel page it says that the Inquisitor can develop different personality types depending on dialog choices. Now, I know for sure I won't do a playthrough with a different character (inventory management is a huge turn-off for me) and I'm just gonna replay some old saves, so I wanted to ask people who actually had several characters - are there really noticeable differences depending on which dialog options you pick more often?

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• 2/10/2019

Dragon age roleplay

If you're interested join here http://aminoapps.com/invite/ITFFYIOEP1
Im not the owner or creator just posting to see if anyone wants to.
Dragon Age Roleplay Amino Amino
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• 2/10/2019

DAI tech issues: absurdly long loading times all of a sudden

Hello all. I'm playing DAI on a friend's PC and it runs awfully slow as of late. Since around Tuesday (05.Feb.19) it takes like half an hour to even start (if it does at all) and another 20 mins to load in a character save game. Loading up area maps on transition also takes time in excess of 10-15 minutes and even then parts of the interface, textures, sound and background objects might not load at all. Sometimes it also freezes for around half a minute; game time continues to run in the backgound though, as evident with war table ops.

I'm aware of the fact that once DLCs are added, save games take somewhat longer to load, but it never took -that- long and we had no issues in that regard for months. Sometimes certains sound like attack/ability related stuff took a few seconds on map transition, but no problems after that. The game sometimes crashed to desktop without apparent reason but it was very rare and mostly happend around the capture Suledin Keep quest and when using the Immolate spell, both of those never appeared after some short time. I did not change graphic settings as of late.

Originally, I was to blame Origin, given that it causes a some mess now and then but turning it offline did not help either. We had loss of internet connection now and then -slow country internet and WLAN to blame, but it never affected game performance. We don't have any mods, the only questionable thing I did was farming Amulets of Power in excess of around 40 from that one chest in Crestwood so I could have my Inq learn all available abilites; could this corrupt savegames so they mess up the game that badly?

I'm not particularly tech-savvy and it is not -my- PC, so I'm not aware if my friend did anything "bad" in the meantime that messed up the PC, but did anybody encountered a similar issue?

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• 2/9/2019

Mage or Not

Ok. I’m finally going to do it. I’m going to romance Solas. But I have a predicament. Solas seems like he would be better in a relationship with another mage, however my last few playthroughs have been as mages and I sort of want to be a rogue this time through. Which would be more fulfilling and interesting? A mage solas romance or not? Would being a non magical inquisitor affect the romance at all?
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• 2/9/2019

Best Troops?

For the Battle of Denerim, what troops are better for the final battles?
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• 2/8/2019

Dragon age IV's protagonist: Special/notable story ability/abilities/quirks

Title. Each DA has had the main character be someone special: In origins, you're a warden in a country where they've almost all been defeated or ousted temporarily, putting you in a unique position to save the world. In 2, Hawke is the champion of Kirkwall, and comes to command respect amongst many people. 2 is unique because you earn your special status as a immensely respected champion through nothing more than deeds throughout the story. In inquisition you're the herald/inquisitor and holder of the mark, and also earn your stripes as the leader of the newly most powerful militant group in southern Thedas, the Inquisition, and personally earn your stripes with the leadership decisions, tough choices, and accomplishments you make while leading it.

I honestly feel like dragon age IV will star a Dreamer, and if not, will particularly expand on the lore of dreamers. Being able to enter and shape the fade at will seems to be a definite direction to go to counter the events in Trespasser.

Ooh, a "telltales walking dead season 1" approach where you guide and raise a naive dreamer as a deuteragonist would be incredibly neat and storytelling gold.

Dreamers, after all, are what Tevinter center around - their whole "breeding" philosiphy, amongst other things, centers around the bloodlines from the original dreamers. A scene in Trespasser clearly shows evidence that strongly hints towards the sequel taking place entirely or in part in Tevinter, where the game has not gone yet.

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• 2/8/2019


Hi all,

After playing through all 3 games + their DLC's on "casual", and normal mode; I've been toying with the idea of trying out Nightmare.

Starting with DAO obviously, and I'd probably have a go with my Human Mage - but does anyone have any tips on how to survive? Is it more about tactics of how you direct the companions than having "moar power"? I note that a lot of bosses have immunity to far more than on the easier levels; which worries me when faced with them, especially the Arch Demon; but I've not played around with tactics and behaviours much with the companions and I'm wondering if this is crucial?

Thanks in advance!

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• 2/8/2019

Human Language?

I was just wondering, cause I've been thinking about this for a while, does humanity in general in Thedas have a language?

I know there's a Dalish language, an old Elvhen language, Qunlat and probably (I'm guessing) a dwarven/dwarvish. There's also old Tevene, from whence comes our favourite cusses (Vishante kaffas), but is there a human language, spoken in Orlais/Fereldan? And if there isn't, and the language we see as English is Orlesian/Fereldan, then how does everyone, including the mostly human-phobic Dalish and the underground dwarves all speak it perfectly?

And if it isn't, and Thedas has a "common" language, like D&D, how does everyone speak *that* perfectly, and with no variations, except those of accent?

Just a question I thought of... I haven't done any research on it, so if something is blatantly obvious, please let me know.

(Also, there's a DA4 tag!! I'm so excited to pound Solas into the dirt!)

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• 2/7/2019

Promise Of Destruction not triggering

I've completed Here Lies The Abyss and maxed my approval with Cassandra (who was with me in the Fade in case that's relevant) yet despite having also completed Guilty Pleasures and Unfinished Business and even getting the friendship cutscene, the cutscene that's supposed to trigger Promise Of Destruction never happens. Is this a bug? Is there any patch that could fix it?

I should add that I tried to trigger it after meeting with Stroud and Hawke in Crestwood but still nothing so I figured maybe it would materialize after finishing HLTA.

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• 2/6/2019

Anyone know what happened with Shale?

Our favourite chicken stomping Golem?
In any of the lore or whatnot, is she still around somewhere, has she taken some kind of cure or something to make her a dwarf again or is still a golem, still alive etc.
I miss her lol
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• 2/5/2019

Sera. Racist or Realist?

In a recent thread on favourite characters a fairly common viewpoint is that Sera is racist. The view seems to be based on Sera's strong dislike of 'elfiness' (a strong attachment to elven history and culture).

I actually think she has a good point. There's a strong thread of contempt for others running through elven culture. Dalish elves despise city elves for not being elfy enough, ancient elves (sentinels and Solas) despise dalish elves for not being elfy enough. What's admirable about that?

There's also a strong thread of passivity in elven culture, the dalish elves are happy to live a nomadic lifestyle believing that eventually the human empires will wither away and the elves will emerge from the shadows to reclaim their heritage. But what do they do in the mean time? Nothing. Alienage elves put up with poverty and squalor. Again, what's admirable about passivity?

Sera gets angry about elves tying themselves up in culturally imposed psychological straitjackets instead of living independently. Is that racism?

Saying that Sera is racist because she's opposed to the dominant elven culture is like saying Dorian is racist because he's opposed to the dominant Tevinter culture.

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• 2/4/2019


How does everyone like to have their party? I prefer 2 warriors 1 rouge 1 mage
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